Two places to check for “Solutions”

The “Solutions” here on the Network blog will be updated from time to time. For more in-depth solutions check out the Global Regeneration Network main web site pages.

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  1. Quote (the first 2 paragraphs) from “Global Awakening, New Science and the 21st Century Enlightenment”:

    Chapter 1: Transcending the Mechanistic Dilemma
    Without change, there can be no hope. Our society is headed for a multitude of problems, confronted by the limits of both technology and paradigms. From global warming to toxic pollution, economic inequity, and the spread of nuclear weapons, the world is careening toward a future that simply will not work. Add all these crises together with the end of cheap oil and gas, and the ability of government budgets to handle it all at once becomes impossible. Our direction is clearly unsustainable.

    Yet, we can shift our current course by charting a new map, one that leads to a workable future, a sustainable future. If we want a better place for our children and grandchildren, many great changes lie ahead of us. Change is not easy. Change is hard. Deep change would involve a lot of work over many years and decades. Yet, it is something that we must now do. Just making the decision that we will fight for change can give us hope. As Norman Cousins said, “The starting point for a better world is the belief that it is possible.” – Michael Schacker


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