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Global Awakening, New Science and the 21st Century Enlightenment”
by Michael Schacker -Global Regeneration Network co-founder

A guide to the awakening of global consciousness, the history of the Organic Shift and Global Regeneration–with new solutions for healing our global crises and reaching our full potential as human beings.  Find out more about this book.


Michael Schacker is one of the true cultural creatives of our time. The clear writing and accessible style of this book belie the profundity of its message: the materialistic, mechanistic world-view that has dominated our thinking for the last few centuries is, despite itself, transforming into a vision of the universe that has always been there–a living, organic being slowly awakening to its true nature.”

Thom Hartmann, Progressive TV show, “The Big Picture”,
and a progressive talk radio host


       Global Awakening     A Spring Without Bees   PlanBEECentral.com    StrokeFamily.org

The Global Regeneration Network won the “Cultural Achievement Award 2010” from
The Artists’ and Humans’ Project


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